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The Game Changing Face Mask Everyone Needs

Ok, I get asked about this mask literally every single time I wear it so I figured I would share it with ya'll!

This is a great mask for everyday wear especially if you have to wear a mask for prolonged periods of time for work (I'm looking at you my flight attendant friends) or any other reason. This mask is even better because it is the best mask that I have tried for working out. Who knew that would be a thing but since it is- what better way to adapt than to find a mask that makes it easy to breathe while working out with a mask on. This is a great option if are attending any fitness classes or if gyms are open where you are. I have worn this mask while hiking, running, and working out and it is a game-changer compared to other masks that I have tried to use while being active.

I like that this mask is breathable, flexible, and comfortable. The material is thick (protection) but not heavy

Another game-changing aspect of it? The ear straps. Random, right but we can all agree that uncomfortable ear straps make a face mask a million times worse. Well, this mask has soft, stretchy, and comfortable ear straps that don't pull or stretch your ears.

Taking care of this reusable mask is easy. I wash ours at night by hand with detergent and let them hang dry overnight.

This mask is a hit with my immediate family (Jeff, my parents, my brother, and I each own multiples of it) so I hope that this find helps you if you've been searching for a comfortable everyday mask or your new bff for working out.

Let me know if you try it or if you've tried it or even if you have another recommendation!



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