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Insta Worthy Spots in San Diego: La Jolla Shores Secret Swing

Okay, this blog post is a long time coming and I figured this would be easier to direct folks to when they reach out with questions about the La Jolla secret swing.

As you might know, there are actually two sets of secret swings in La Jolla. One is near UCSD (I believe- I haven't been there yet) and the one I'm obsessed with is right in downtown La Jolla, above the caves, and has killer oceanfront views. I did two full IG reels about what to expect when coming to this specific secret swing and I will break it down in detail here also and then share the details on how to get there.

My tips for first-time secret swing visitors:

  • Leave the spot cleaner than you found it! There are no trash cans down here so as a rule of thumb, make sure to leave it cleaner than you found it.

  • Bring a buddy if you can. The 'trail' can get a little slippery especially when there are surfers/swimmers coming up and down so it helps to bring a buddy to spot you. A buddy will also be key if it's your first time because there are ropes that you need to climb with so a buddy will be helpful. If you can't bring a buddy, no worries- you got this! Just remember to be careful and keep an eye out for slippery areas. I came alone my first time but recommend bringing a friend if you can.

  • Try to come empty-handed! I made the mistake of bringing my Swell bottle last time and sad to report I dropped it and got some new dents on it. My Lululemon fanny pack came in handy though, no pun intended ;) as a safe space to keep my phone and keys.

  • Wear shoes (and clothes actually) you don't mind getting possibly dirty. I see lots of people with sandals but I personally prefer to wear tennis shoes with traction for the slippery parts. Whatever you wear, make sure you don't mind getting it dirty as it's a possibility.

  • Bring a camera and tripod if you have one! A tripod will be a great way to get a shot of you and your buddy with the gorgeous ocean backdrop or if you came alone, this will ensure you get an Insta-worthy shot

  • Don't be scared and enjoy the view! It's easy to feel scared your first time getting to the swing and getting on the swing but take it from a certified scaredy-cat, enjoy the view and the ocean air!

Getting to the secret swing:

Okay, now for the question I get the most about the swing, "How do I get there." I don't have an actual address which a lot of people ask for but there is no physical address so I will show you what to put into your GPS and how to get there after you park.

  • Enter "Coast Walk Trail" on your GPS (the zip code is 92037 to be sure you got the right one). There are a few street parking spots right on Coast Walk Trail but parking is very limited so be prepared to park in a side street.

  • The trail itself can be a little hidden as it's covered in beautiful trees but follow the cemented path towards the ocean and you're headed the right way. Once you get to the end of the path and see the ocean, you can either go left or go right. Both ways provide beautiful views and a great place to read a book, enjoy a snack or bring a boo thang for a sunset date but if you want to go to the secret swing, you will need to go right. You'll know you're headed in the right direction if you see a beautiful white bridge.

  • The 'entrance' to the path down to the swing is literally RIGHT before you get to the bridge. You'll want to look down and to the left towards the water. You'll see a few wood planks on the bluff that you will want to go over to get to the trail.

  • This is the part where you will need to climb down using the first set of ropes. Once you get down the first set of rope climbing, there will be a small embankment there and you will see the swing. If you did bring items with you, this is a good area to set your belongings.

  • You will then need to scale the bluff using the second set of ropes to get to the swing. I recommend having someone spot you if possible.

  • TIP: to get on the swing (especially the first time), I recommend holding on to part of the rope to support you as you get on the swing.

  • Last step is to enjoy the ocean air and the view!

Bonus tip:

If you climb the bluff a little higher, directly above the swing, there is another spot with a killer view and a bench to enjoy the view.

Let me know if you end up going to the secret swing and if these tips were helpful! What are some other secret. Insta worthy spots in San Diego that you love?!



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