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The best petite and tall girl approved mom and skinny jeans

Ok, so according to the Gen Zers, skinny jeans are no longer in. I've been slowly weaning off my skinny jeans phase for a few years when I started wearing "mom jeans" because tbh, "mom jeans" are more comfortable. Yes, I just used the word jeans and comfortable in the same sentence which sounds like an oxymoron but it's true. Don't get me wrong, I will still rock my skinny jeans, especially because they work well with certain outfits but for everyday jeans, I will 9/10 reach for my mom jeans because of the comfort level. I have 3 tried and true brands for both skinny jeans and mom jeans that I love and wanted to share with ya'll. I get lots of questions about my "mom jeans" I wear on the reg so I thought this would be a good chance to spill the beans on my tried and true favorite jean brands.

There are several reasons why I love American Eagle jeans. First, they have jeans that I don't have to take hemmed, hallelujah. They have short, regular, tall, and (just recently learned this) extra tall options. I have to thank American Eagle for getting me into the "mom jeans" trend because I got my first pair here about 3 years ago. I feel like American Eagle is always ahead of trend especially when it comes to jeans because I remember buying my first pair of "jeggings" here before they became huge. I bought my first pair of mom jeans here, still wear them constantly 3 years later and they're in great condition- I still get tons of compliments on them! They are my ride-or-die pair because they are still flattering on me through weight gain, weight loss, and everything else the last year and a half has thrown our way. I love how this pair hits at the perfect spot right above the ankle and hugs at all of the right places while still flaring in the right places. Hands down, these are my favorite jeans in my closet right now.

For sizing reference, I wear a size 0 X-Short in the AE mom jeans. Being 5'2, I have never had to get jeans from AE hemmed and they always fit perfectly.

Ok, so Abercrombie has been one of my favorite brands of jeans since high school when I used to work there. I have always loved how great the quality of A&F jeans and how they have dozens of washes, styles, and fits. They have expanded their fits even more now and have every fit from curve love to mom jean to straight fit to mom jeans. Because they have size options such as short, regular, and tall, I never have to worry that they won't fit right and I' know I won't have to spend more taking them to the tailor. My current fave pair is this black distressed mom style I got on major sale last year. That's another thing that I love about Abercrombie, they have great sales- keep an eye on their site because you can snag some great pieces on major sale. These jeans were on sale for $24.90 or something around there and they were originally about $79. I love styling these with heels for a dressed-up look or with Vans or sneakers for a casual look.

For sizing reference, I wear a size 25/0 Short in the A&F mom jeans. Being 5'2, I have never had to get jeans from A&F hemmed and they always fit perfectly.

Full disclosure, I've only bought 'skinny' jeans from Topshop and I know skinny jeans are technically on their way out (according to Gen Z) but I'm not getting rid of mine (at least not yet). When skinny jeans were all the rage, I was rocking the Topshop jeans 24/7 because they're so comfortable, trendy and they fit my height perfectly. Even though I mostly rock the mom jeans now, I still love a good pair of skinny jeans to style with knee-high or thigh-high boots, heels, and a more dressed-up look. My absolute favorite styles of Topshop jeans are the Moto Jamie jeans and the original Jamie jeans. Sizing details: Topshop makes these jeans (and others) in petite options, the 'regular' option goes up to a 34 in length and they also have tall options (bonus for my mamas to be: they have maternity sizing too!).

For sizing reference, I wear a size 25x30 in the Topshop skinny jeans. Being 5'2, I have never had to get jeans from Topshop hemmed and they always fit perfectly.

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