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Flight Attendant Hotel Room Rituals

Before becoming a flight attendant, I used to insert my hotel room key, open the door and just relax. Maybe put my belongings away or maybe just plop on the bed after a long day of traveling. Now that I've stayed in a hotel room more than the average person (and sometimes more nights than nights I sleep at home), I have a routine as soon as I walk through my hotel room door- no matter how tired I am.

1. Check the entire room for uninvited guests.

Before becoming a flight attendant, staying a huge room or suite was the most exciting thing to happen to me since the last Lisa Frank rollout. Now as a flight attendant, staying a suite or large hotel room just means a longer time searching for uninvited guests. Whether it's an uninvited guest or the hotel accidentally double books your room (thankfully, has never happened to me- knock on wood but it has happened to several coworkers), it's always better to be safe than sorry and double check. Check the closets, under the bed, behind the curtains, behind the shower curtains and every other possible area.

2. Germs be gone.

I always travel with one (or three) travel size bottles of Lysol. I always spray the toilet seat first because, priorities- duh. I also sanitize any other common areas. My airline puts us up at great hotels and I typically feel like my rooms are clean but for peace of mind, I always like to sanitize areas I will be touching/sitting on.

3. Control the remote control.

Do you really want to know how many people before you touched your remote control? Do you really want to know what those x amount of people were doing with their hands before they touched said remote control? Do you really want to know the last time it was cleaned? No? Good, cuz me either to be honest. I usually spray the remote control with Lysol but sometimes the smell lingers and since the remote will be next to me for the night, I have a back up plan. You know the plastic disposable bags inside the ice bucket in your room? Yep, I will use that as a cover for the remote control so that I don't have to touch the icky germs potentially on the remote. Some of my favorite perks in certain hotel rooms you ask? Remote controls that antibacterial/antimicrobial but alas not all hotels are equipped with these so I take matters into my own hands.

4. Never use the glasses.

You know how hotels have those glasses for you to conveniently use? Well, I'd rather not have the convenience. How many times can you say you've seen fresh glasses on the housekeeping carts? I rather not take the risk so I prefer not use the glasses to drink anything out of. I try to always bring my reusable water bottle but if I don't happen to have it on me, the disposable paper coffee cups the hotel provides works just as well!

5. Check for bed bugs.

YEP! Thankfully, I've never had this problem and as I mentioned my airline puts us up at reputable/clean hotels Yet, I always rather be safe than sorry so I always scour the mattress for other types of uninvited guests.

Do you have any rituals you do when checking in to your hotel room or traveling? Do you do any of the ones listed above? Are you going to do any of the ones above? Let me know in the comments!



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