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milleniGAL's fave affordable face sunscreen

Ok, so we all know that sunscreen is important. We all know that sunscreen on your face is also super important. But are you using an actual sunscreen on your face or are you thinking that if your makeup has sunscreen that is enough?!

Just relying on your foundation that has sunscreen is not enough. Especially if your skin is sensitive to the sun (like mine) and battles sun spots/hyper pigmentation. Orrrrr just if you want to protect your mug from harmful sun exposure. That is why a separate face sunscreen is extremely important to me and should be to you too!

I absolutely lovelovelove luxuryquality beauty products at affordable prices and I found it with this sunscreen.

I'd like to introduce ya'll to my current affordable sunscreen obsession: Sun Bum Face Sunscreen.

Reasons why I'm totally digging this sunscreen:

1. High SPF

This is extra important, specially for my face. I don't want 15 or even 20 SPF for my face.

2. Broad spectrum protection

Hollaaaa! Aside from a higher SPF, I also want to make sure my face sunscreen is protecting me from

both UVA and UVB rays.

3. Lightweight

I want as lightweight of a formula because I'm going to layer products after applying my sunscreen

(moisturizer foundation, concealer and more to name a few).

4. Oil free.

I'm oily to begin with so I need an oil free formula. Also, my skin is sensitive so oil free is a win-win.

5. Break-out free/dermatologist

HALLELUJAH, no explanation needed.

6. It's available at one of my favorites, Target!

Which means I don't have to go to the mall to replenish and I can just grab one while I'm grabbing

groceries or picking up my prescription.

Plus, I save 5% with my Target Debit Card.

7. The price

Ummm hi, can you beat department store quality for $11.99?! I think not!

8. They are local to San Diego

Encinitas to be exact aka one of my favorite communities in SD.

I love supporting local businesses so this is huge for me.

9. Cruelty free

'nuff said.

10. Paraben free

Again, 'nuff said.

Have you tried any Sun Bum products? What'd ya think? What are some of your favorite face sunscreens out there and why? I'd love to hear!



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