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3 products that guarantee flawless+gorgeous air dried hair

Ok, so wouldn't it be a miracle if we just got out of the shower and our hair dried, flawlessly...with no heat. Hear me out, it's possible.

My hair is extremely fine and thin but I have a lot of it so when I let it air dry, it just dries kind of limp and awkward. Nobody wants that, amirite? I try to air dry my hair as much as possible because my hair is bleached/processed (hello, balayage) so I try to avoid using heat whenever possible (because I could never cut out using my curling wand. That's why I am outlining 3 products that have changed my hair routine. These products are also a lifesaver when you have to wash your hair in the morning but might not have time to blow dry your hair. These 3 products have guaranteed me having hair that air dries like I actually blow dried and styled it. They give my hair some shape and body and prevent it from drying out frizzy, dry or limp like. There's been times (before using these products) that I would let my hair air dry naturally and go to work or a function and would feel as if I looked less polished and put together — never again, thanks to these 3 products!

Follow these steps to step up your air drying hair game. (Don't mind the travel sizes, I recently bought these before my last trip but don't fret— they come in full sizes also.)

1. Shampoo as regular

Right now, I am using a purple shampoo, Daddy-O from Lush because as stated above, my hair is bleached blonde. I love this shampoo because it's a purple shampoo that can be used everyday without drying your hair out. A few purple shampoos I've tried had a tendency to give my hair a straw like texture. Not this one. Pro-tip: Don't shampoo your hair with hot water. Try to shampoo with cool-warm temperature water.

2. Condition as normal

3. Ok, here is where it gets exciting!

After you're done conditioning as normal, you're going to apply the first product I'm recommending. Enter Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler. The key is to barely rinse the product out and to still be able to feel a little product when you run your fingers through your hair. Trust me, I know it sounds scary. When I first read not to entirely wash the product out, I was hesitant because as I said, my hair is extremely fine and thin so even using too much conditioner will leave my hair feeling greasy for days. The first couple times that I used this product, I was very conservative with the amount I was using but as I started to realize that it absorbs lightly into my hair, I started using a little bit more. I've been using about a quarter size amount (for reference, I have long hair- past my bra strap) and massaging it through my hair from top to ends. Now the rinsing part. Again, when I first started using it, I probably rinsed too much. Now, I literally just stick my head under the shower head for a split second and call it a day. Remember to continue to use cold water to rinse the product out. I find that washing/rinsing my hair with hot or too warm of water leaves my hair less manageable. Honestly, so happy I discovered this product because it is a game-changer. Honestly, the first time I tried this was because I got it as a GWP (gift with purchase) and thankfully so because I needed it in my life like 10 years ago.

I am so OBSESSED with this product because it does more than it's namesake, detangling. It is also a UV/thermal heat protector and it repairs, strengthens and protects the hair, score. It literally instantly detangles and softens my hair. I love UNITE's 7SECONDS Detangler Leave in Conditioner because as soon as I start running my fingers through my hair, it is detangled and smooth. The bottle says 4-6 sprays throughout the hair but I literally go to town with this baby and it does not weigh my hair down like other leave in products in the past have. This is a very subtle and yummy smelling spray that is also thankfully lightweight. It's delicious, add it to your beauty routine right meow.

5. Wet hair brush for wet hair

So there you have it, three amazing products to guarantee perfectly air dried hair. I hope this makes your morning routine a little easier, keeps your hair healthier and makes you feel like the total babe that you are with some bouncy, shiny hair. Let me know if you try these products or any other secrets or tips to air drying your locks.


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