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Paging your inner 8 year old: Major Lisa Frank news

milleniGALs rejoice... you can now have a LISA FRANK debit card!

Not sure who loves Lisa Frank more, Mila Kunis or me.

Six through ten year old me is SO jealous right now but it's true and there are 16 different designs to choose from. (Really, how am I supposed to choose between the adorable puppies and adorable polar bears?!)

Now, you guys know I'm all about authenticity and keepin' it 100. I don't actually have this card but I just wanted to share the news because it's just too cute not to share in case anyone is on the market for a pre-paid debit card. Now, I know all of us have favorite cards that get us miles, dollars and everything else under the sun and I'm not a financial advisor but if you're in the market for a pre-paid debit card...LOOK HOW CUTE THESE ARE!

Visa Lisa Frank pre-paid debit cards

You can get the LF debit card on Let me know if you end up ordering one and what you think! #LisaFrankGangForever

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