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The ultimate 7 buck all natural exfoliator (& anti-ingrown hair recipe) you need in your life

Babes raise your emoji hand up if you're sick of those pesky ingrown hairs. Or maybe the heavens blessed you with no ingrown hairs but you're over the crocodile like skin that some types of weather tends to gift us with. Joy.

Either way, I want to share with you my favorite all natural exfoliator. A plus, you can get these ingredients for around $7 and an extra bonus because you might already have these in your pantry. Extra, extra bonus: you can use these two ingredients for SO much more at home from beauty routines to cooking) Score.

After years of being a girl, I got sick of having to deal with ingrown hairs and/or dry skin. To top it off, all of the anti-ingrown hair treatments were harsh, had chemicals (might get rid of ingrowns but will get your skin to peel. Yay...not) and were pricey. The drugstore exfoliators did nothing to help prevent ingrown hairs nor did they exfoliate well enough to have smooth, hydrated skin. Womp, womp.

Enter coconut oil and sugar. I've always known sugar was a great exfoliator but never thought to mix it with the hydrating and nourishing benefits of coconut oil. I love how gentle yet strong the sugar acts as an exfoliator and how the coconut oil keeps my skin hydrated and smooth both during and after the exfoliating process.

sugar and coconut oil

There's a super confidential recipe to how to make this exfoliator and it's rather complicated so listen up. Just kidding. It's two steps and takes about one minute.

Ingredients needed:

  • Coconut oil (I prefer Trader Joe's Organic Triple Filtered Coconut Oil because I have several other uses where I prefer the qualities of this coconut oil over others, but more on that in another post) ($5.49 at my local Trader Joes)

  • Refined sugar (You can get fancy sugar but for exfoliation purposes, generic or refined white sugar does the trick) (Generally $2 or less)


  • Grab a jar or container that you can keep near the shower. I keep mine in a little glass jar but feel free to keep yours in anything from a tupperware container to a plastic cup

  • Mix coconut oil with sugar. The mixture is totally at your discretion depending on how much exfoliation you want. I tend to do 60% sugar and 40% coconut oil

  • Mix!

Now that you created your all natural exfoliator, I recommend starting by using it every other time you shower until your skin gets used to the exfoliation process. You can use your exfoliator all over your body. I especially love using it in the underarm area and bikini area but feel free to use it on legs, arms etc...


  • I feel much more confident in sleeveless shirts because my underarms don't have that '5 o'clock shadow' 2 minutes after shaving anymore

  • I don't have to worry about those post shave/wax bumps around the bikini area when at the pool or beach

  • The little, tiny red bumps I would get on my thighs after shaving are not a worry of mine any longer

  • The pesky ingrown hairs that would turn into possessed demon children...not a problem anymore!

milleniGAL secret: I ran out of BOTH coconut oil and sugar the other day so I improvised. I mixed body wash with dry oatmeal oats. Sounds weird but oatmeal is another AMAZING (natural!) exfoliant and was an easy alternative to my normal recipe. I will say, I prefer the coconut oil+sugar combo because it's much more hydrating and leaves the skin smoother.

Let me know what you think of this natural exfoliator with multi-use ingredients! Would love to hear from you if you tried it or any of your favorite, natural exfoliators.



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