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What to wear to a creative job interview

Babes, by now you have probably been to a few interviews in your early career and if you are anything like me, you've probably been to a few dozen interviews. If your goal is to have a creative job (think social media, marketing, public relations etc...) then you might know that you want to wear something that shows off your creative side and sets you apart from others while still remaining professional and polished.

The outfit you wear to an interview at a creative, savvy public relations firm will probably be different than the outfit you wear to an interview at an accounting firm or law firm. While interviewing at a creative agency, you want to show the interviewer that you are on top of the current trends, have a polished appearance for client facing interactions and still know the difference between work and play.

The fashion blogs and Instagram fashion accounts you follow may be telling you that the hottest trend right now is destroyed black jeans paired with a distressed vintage band tee. While they may be right, it may not be suitable for a professional interview.

milleniGAL's tips:

  • Combine a piece of clothing that is trendy (trendy statement top) with a professional polished piece (think a classic black blazer).

  • Wear a pair of hemmed pants fitted to your body versus the standard, generic black slacks.

  • Pick a top that reflects your creativeness or trend savvy-ness. The top I picked below is a gingham print because it's an on-trend print right now. Be mindful of colors and what season your interview is in.

  • Choose one statement piece of jewelry. Don't overdo it and pick a classy yet statement piece of jewelry that will accentuate your fashion sense.

  • Show off your trend savvy-ness by sporting the newest makeup look (think a metallic eyeshadow with a soft smoky eye). Be cautious to not over-do the look and soften it up by taking it down a notch or two from how much/how smoky you would wear it for a night out with the girls.

  • Make sure nails are clean and manicured. Feel free to pick a unique color but make sure it's still professional and not obnoxious. (Think a soft pink or a light and pretty teal but not a bright orange or neon green).

milleniGAL's curated creative job interview outfit:





Tag me on IG (@milleniGAL) to show me your favorite interview pieces. If you're on the job hunt, best of luck babes — you got this!


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